Discover Affiliate Marketing Niches and Offers

When I began working online back in 2013, I discovered affiliate marketing (AM) as the surest way to start a business online. I plunged into it and after months of “hard work” wondered why I wasn’t going anywhere. What were the others doing that I wasn’t? Unknown to me, successful affiliate marketers (AMers) chose niches because internet marketing is too large a market for a newbie to succeed in.

This post is going to help you do exactly that.

# 1: What is actually a niche?

A niche is actually a small segment of a market where folks interested in something are prepared to dish out the required amount of money to acquire it. So when hunting for a particular niche, make certain that there are actually search terms folks are actually using when searching for your particular niche info so that you may be included among the best 10 search engine results pages.

# 2: What actually is the difference between a market and a niche market concept?

If we take a main category like AM and check under the titles we can easily discover a market level idea like affiliate programs.

To see if money is actually being made in this market, carry out a Google search to try to find advertisers. If you found ads, then Affiliate program (AP) is actually an interesting market.

So, if you narrow it to the two specifics of where individuals are actually spending funds as well as where there are actually search phrases folks are actually utilizing when searching for AP info, after that make use of Google AdWords KeywordToolExternal and also place in affiliate programs to receive overall suggestions concerning possible niches. If you require additional programs make use of AdWords.Google tool which can easily provide you up to 800, instead of 100 keywords the previous one gives.

Input (AP) into the search engine window on top left of the webpage and then click on search.

Get your hands on a list of a minimum of 10-20 AP associated search terms which display a reasonable number of searches per month however certainly not a lot of competition.

This can also easily offer you a number of profitable search phrases to utilize on your site as categories, in your content and also in your marketing campaigns.

Discovering profitable keyword phrases

Volume: is the average number of searches per month over the past 12 months.

Comp: is the higher this number, the more organic competition for the keyword.

IAAT: A count of webpages on which the keyword appears in both the title tag and the text of a backlink.

Keywords Volume Comp. IAAT

AP ยจ 8,857 24.21 4,366

AM programs 3,592 11.96 170

best AP 3,334 11.92 167

high ticket AP 1,050 6.73 12

best AM programs 912 8.02 27

Travel AP 896 7.67 22

saas AP 849 — 0

top AP 816 7.75 23

AP for bloggers 629 7.43 19

best AP for beginners 606 5.98 7

best AP to make money 556 7.6 21

high paying AP 551 8.88 43

pay per click AP 528 7.35 18

top paying AP 466 6.32 9

keto AP 347 — 0

AM programs for beginners 342 6.32 9

software AP 310 6.73 12

makeup AP 302 5.3 4

gaming AP 295 5.3 4

pet AP 292 4.56 2

AP site 261 — 0

best AP 2018 261 — 0

essential oil AP 261 — 0

highest paying AP 207 6.73 12

personal development AP 207 3.92 1

AP amazon 130 3.92 1

‘top golf’ AP 85 — 0

a list of the best AP 85 — 0

AdWords AP 85 — 0

affiliate credit card programs 85 — 0

affiliate credit card programs to build credit 85 — 0

AM AP 85 — 0

AM network programs 85 — 0

AM programs comparisons 85 — 0

AM programs for education 85 — 0

AM programs for local business 85 — 0

AM programs people want 85 — 0

AM programs plugin WordPress 85 — 0.

AM programs plugin WordPress woocommerce 85 — 0.

AM programs to make money online 85 — 0.

affiliate network programs 85 — 0.

AP easy to join 85 — 0.

AP for brands 85 — 0.

AP for dating bloggers 85 — 0.

AP for domain flipping 85 — 0.

AP for ecommerce 85 — 0.

AP for food bloggers 85 — 0.

AP for guns 85 — 0.

affiliate blogging programs 82 — 0.

AP for beginners 82 6.47 10.

One other excellent keyword research tool you can easily make use of is actually Jaaxy obtained through Wealthy Affiliate.

Avg: The average amount of searches that the keyword phrase gets each month

Traffic: Visits to your website if you make first page rankings in the search engines

QSR: Quoted Search Results: the amount of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword

KQI: Keyword Quality indicator: Green is terrific; yellowish is alright; reddish is inadequate.

SEO: A score based on traffic and competition, the greater the score the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1-100, the higher the better)

Keyword Avg Traffic QSR KQI SEO

best affiliate marketing programs 178 31 219 Great 83

best affiliate marketing program for beginners 80 14 89 Great 93

are best affiliate marketing programs 48 9 5 Great 98

the best affiliate marketing program for beginners 80 14 73 Great 92

best affiliate marketing programs for beginners 56 10 175 Great 84

best affiliate marketing programs beginners 56 10 52 Great 96

the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners 56 10 111 Great 91

top 10 affiliate marketing programs 75 13 114 Great 97

top affiliate marketing programs 88 15 179 Great 89

top rated affiliate marketing programs 40 7 96 Great 97

what is the best affiliate marketing program 114 20 53 Great 91

the best affiliate marketing program 114 20 156 Great 86

best affiliate marketing program 114 20 176 Great 88

affiliate marketing programs 3037 517 232 Normal74

affiliate marketing companies 458 78 122 Great 91

affiliate marketing training 199 34 219 Normal80

start affiliate marketing 654 112 226 Normal77

best online affiliate programs 104 18 96 Great 97

best affiliate marketers 48 9 86 Great 96

best paying affiliate programs 86 15 118 Great 97.

# 3: Choose your niche market.

Statista determines that the amount of blog writers in the U.S. alone are going to go up to 31.7 million by 2020. If you’re beginning to build a blog anywhere on the planet today, it is clear that you’re dealing with a great deal more competition.

The only means for you to stand the very best odds of success is actually to niche down.

You need to concentrate on a specific category. “Food” is actually a huge category yet “grilling food” is rather sufficiently small to manage.

Tight topics like these may aid you develop a more focused audience and also possibly assist you rank higher in search engines.

Si Quan Ong did just that when he created his first website confining themself to only breakdancing rather than discussing “dance” or even “hip hop”. He declared he really did not understand just about anything regarding SEO at that time, however he was able to rank for a handful of key terms and produce ~ 3,000 organic visits each month.

# 4: It is really imperative to choose the right niche.

The information in # 2 above prove that there are actually numerous niche markets for you to pick from. Taking the one you are actually passionate about is actually the most effective niche market for you. Even if you work for months without getting any kind of results, it will definitely keep you going as a result of your strong excitement for it.

# 5: There are definitely consequences for selecting the inappropriate niche market.

It is actually most likely that you will certainly select the right niche if you follow the above actions. But in case you choose the incorrect one, you can do whatever is right for 12 months (which should be your long-range objective for success) and also still have nothing at all to show for it.

# 6: Monetization setup.

Having actually selected your specific niche, you have to now study its moneymaking capacity. Right here are actually a few of them:.

Create your own product: Your own product might be an eBook, a video training series or paper book.

AM: You might join free any affiliate networks or programs. For Digital product AM, you may sign up at ClickBank, the biggest AM network. As for Physical product AM, we recommend an AM program like Amazon Affiliates program, and so on. Concerning other affiliate programs, look for your “niche name” and sign up for those you like. You can easily likewise sign up with, and so on. Know that as well as possess everything any sort of niche market may supply.

Printing adds: There are many out there. The most popular ones are actually GoogleAdsense as well as Mediavine.

# 7: Abandon any niche you cannot monetize.

If you look at the above and can’t fathom any way for you to actually monetize your chosen niche, then it’s not a good choice you have made. Well, if something isn’t good for you, you know what to do with it, don’t you? You turn your back on it. Then you look for another one.

# 8: There is actually keen competition in AM yet enough place for all.

One more ambivalence, you might state.

Yes, competition in the AM industry is actually cut-throat, yet that should not in any way scare you from it.

All the successful AM professionals you see around or hear about all have has that experience. If they had let it terrify them away years back, they definitely would not have been around as examples for us to learn from.

The solution to the competition merely depends on finding a particular niche which necessarily belongs to a much larger market where there is actually money to be made with little to no competitors.

# 9: Is AM a scam?

No, AM as such is actually certainly not a scam. You will certainly get into one quicker than you may shake shit off your brand new, bright footwear if you’re devoting your hard-earned cash as well as valuable time looking for get-rich-quick schemes.

# 10: Decide on the platform to utilize.

AM could be carried out on any sort of platform where the promoter may send out information to a consumer. Also social media.

The ideal area to develop a target market and also improve your sales is actually by means of a blog site or even a YouTube channel.


The Purpose of a Business

When purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable. An understanding of the purpose of the Christian business will help us in our approach to handling and running our businesses.Many say they have a Christian business, without fully understanding the concept of a Christian business.The truth is, a business entity is neither Christian nor non-Christian. A Christian business is one run by a Christian, who engages Biblical values and principles as taught in the word of God, in the day to day running of the business.The key to running a Christian business is a commitment to making decisions on the bases of scriptures and not on situations, feelings or what is acceptable to society.As we run our businesses in the way of the Lord, we honor God and ultimately bring glory to His name.This is the purpose of every Christian, in business or otherwise- to glorify God. And this also, is the primary purpose of every Christian business.”……..whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”1cor 1o:31Our businesses must bring glory to God!This can be achieved, as we use our businesses to serve God’s purposes on the earth.Early in a business career, the most important thing to the entrepreneur is how to break even and keep the business running. Later it becomes important to make profit and build a bigger business.And this is why, it is crucial for the Christian business man and woman to have a priority system, that will help to maintain balance. Maintaining balance is important in a spiritual sense just as in a material sense.If all other functions of successfully running a business organization are neglected in the pursuit of evangelism, the business would run aground.We must position the business to generate revenue and make profit. God is interested in our businesses making profits. He wants us to prosper in whatever we do.”Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.”Isaiah 48:17″And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” Psalm 1:3Yet we must not neglect using the business to serve God, as we propagate the Gospel.Therefore, the priorities really mean what are my goals, and can my goals be balanced to achieve the overall objective of serving God while meeting material needs.Business as Instrument of Evangelism: When placed side by side, the profit of a business is rather trivial compared to the value of a soul. But if used properly a business can be used to change the lives of countless lost people.”For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Mat 16:26An entrepreneur can use his business as a tool to influence people within his sphere of business dealings and operations by helping them to hear the Gospel of Christ. And thereby many are led to Christ.Financing the Gospel: We can also set apart, a certain percentage of the profits from our businesses, for kingdom work. Sponsoring Gospel crusades, mission work and building worship centers are commendable and laudable things we can do for the kingdom of God, as God helps us to make profits in our businesses.By this, our businesses are bringing glory to God, as lives are being transformed and impacted.”…..My cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad;….” Zec 1:17Carrying out all these, will not be difficult if we understand that all we have, we received of the Lord.”For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?”1cor 4:7Also worthy of note, is the fact that all God has ever done, and He will ever do, will be done for His pleasure.The business and the profit He gave you, He gave for His pleasure.”Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” Rev 4:11As you operate your business with this understanding, you can be sure of God’s continuous backing and commitment to your business.And it is His backing and commitment to our businesses that make for wealth creation. With this post I welcome you to the world of wealth and riches.Now to you, in what ways are you using your business to fulfill God’s eternal purpose on the earth? Let’s hear as you make a comment.To Your ProsperitySharon Akinoluwa

10 Business Tips to Live By!

The following is for those who have, do, or want to own a business. You just may find a gem herein to help you find your acre of diamonds and keep them.Premise: It is my observation during my business lifetime that those who successfully choose to own their own business are confident, creative, some what disciplined, persistent, optimistic and typically genuinely unaware that 90% of their business and personal problems are usually self induced.If that seems harsh to you, then the following tips may remind you of some basics of business life that often get overlooked while meeting your responsibilities to yourself, your family and others who may care in seeing you succeed.1. EntrepreneurshipAn entrepreneur, with a great business vision, a modicum of capital, a dogged determination and a learning attitude, can build a business by the seat of his/her pants until he/she achieves a personal comfort level, at which time the entrepreneur must transition to being a professional manager to reach higher heights.The key element of building a long time successful business is learning to plan, organize, delegate and manage the successes and stresses of being — the boss.2. Every successful business will eventually be sold or closed.Understanding the above fact is essential to remaining in control of your business destiny.Sickness, disablement, divorce, death, retirement and a myriad of other reasons to move on are all reasons a business may have to be sold. Therefore, operating your business to be salable, at any time, will provide you with the best long term outcome, whenever a sale is necessary.Operating a business with the prime objective of tax minimization is short sighted, as it will then take three years on average to prepare your business for a top dollar sale.If time and circumstances do not allow the tax minimizer to reposition his business for sale, a life time of building business “market value” will can quickly turn to pennies on the dollar and may go to zero. Business buyers purchase a reliable stream of adjusted discretionary cash flow and rely solely on the past three years tax returns to determine market value.3. Availability of capital is the life blood of a stable and growing business.The best and least expensive capital is cash earned and saved.The profits generated by owning and operating a successful business are the just compensation for the sacrifices made to build an stream of continuing income from your enterprise.Separate your rewards into two baskets, one to maintain a comfortable life for you and yours and one to meet, and beat, Murphy’s Law and/or provide the seeds from which more rewards can grow.4. You can not borrow your way to riches.Business debt should be avoided like the plaque, unless the use of borrowed funds will generate at least 25% more cash flow than expenses and the principal and interest on the incurred debt.Purchased business assets depreciate with time and incur additional overhead and required maintenance. Part of graduating from entrepreneur to a professional manager is learning, and mastering, how to figure return on investment (ROI). An asset is generally only worth the value of a provable, risk free, stream of of bottom line income. It is that excess earning power that will justify a cash and/or financed purchase.5. Sales vs Gross ProfitIt is true that nothing happens until something is sold. However, purchasing at the proper price, whether it be materials, products or labor will determine ultimate profitability.The concept of buying low and selling high is simple, but like poker, the game is simple to learn but takes a lifetime to master. Entrepreneurs typically spent more time controlling fixed and variable overhead and not enough time on gross margins.Professional managers learn that a dollar increase in their gross profit margin goes straight to the bottom line and into the owners pocket.6. Customer diversificationIt’s a no brainer to say that there is safety in numbers when it comes to your customers.In the life time of a business, there invariably will come a time when a very profitable customer will fall in love with your company and bless you with ever increasing business. Beware of the fact that as that customer grows to be a larger and larger percentage of your total sales, the risk to your business increases dramatically.Large customers, over time, will use their sales volume to erode your pricing power. More businesses have failed from allowing their largest volume customer to eventually hold them at ransom by forcing them to choose to produce at zero profit or lose the largest part of their sales volume.The general rule is to not to allow one customer become more than 20% of your sales.7. Accounts ReceivableIf you extend credit by giving customer payment terms, you become a banker.Entrepreneurs can grow their business by extending favorable terms, if their margins are high enough to cover the opportunity costs as opposed to cash sales. Professional managers understand the costs of credit terms and pass them on in higher prices. Needless to say, managing credit sales is a complicated subject and is subject to common practice in the type of product, service or industry within which your business falls.As a general rule, from a safety point of view, cash sales are preferred, credit card sales are the next best option but if you have to extend credit, operate it like a profit center not as a service. In addition, there is safety in many customers. If you only have a handful of customers and you extend them credit, it only takes one to go belly up to seriously damage or sink your business.8. Accounts payableIf your suppler offers net 30 billing, ask for a 5% or 6% discount, if paid within 5 to 10 days. If you have followed the advice in number 3 above and have set aside a basket of cash for growth and emergencies, the ability to take that discount will go straight to your bottom line.9. BookkeepingUnfortunately this is a sore subject with me, as typically many entrepreneurs and professional managers are notoriously weak in this area.Too many business people think of keeping the books as a necessary evil to be pushed off to a bookkeeper or an accountant until tax time. The truth is the keeping of financial records, checking them daily and learning to interpret them is probably the most vital aspect of becoming and staying a successful business owner. In short, your “books” are the best management tool an owner has at his/her disposal, if kept meticulously, understood and used properly.A monthly Profit & Loss Statement (P & L) and a personally checked balanced bank statement that is read and understood is an absolute minimum survival requirement for every business owner.Businesses are complicated, no mater how simple they may seem. Running a business and living out of a checkbook doesn’t cut it. An accurate and frequent P & L statement is a must for an owner to know if things are going well or to recognize when things are getting get out of whack.Do you know that 1 out 10 small businesses get ripped off by the trusted in house bookkeeper, because the owner wasn’t paying attention with good financial controls? How will you get a loan from a lender, if you can’t quickly produce a P & L to prove you deserve one. I could go on and on.Every business owner, who isn’t an accountant, should take a few accounting courses or at least read up and understand the concepts. Your financial records are like having an X-Ray picture of your business at your beck and call. Becoming versed in the the financial aspects of your business can be the most valuable asset you will ever own.10. Living the good life as a business ownerPeople go into business for many reasons, but usually it because they want to be their own boss, answer to no one but themselves, build a better life than can be accomplished having a JOB and serving their own ego. Needless to say, if owning a business and being successful were easy, everyone would be doing it.That said, successful business owners are unique in that they work harder, smarter, longer, usually have better incomes and are more responsible citizens than “normal” people. On the the other side of the coin, business owners are also subject to more stress, family problems, self doubt, loneliness and political disrespect. Both sides of the coin come with the territory, so how do you balance it all to be respected, live a good life and be “content”.Here is a few humble suggestions, in no particular order, from a curmudgeon who cares:
Remember the rainy day basket and keeping your business salable, — stuff happens and so does retirement
To err is human, don’t be too hard on yourself when your are not perfect
Compartmentalize, give business and and loved ones and friends equal time and effort
At the end of the business day, briefly plan tomorrow, take a moment to decompress and get lost in your mode of peace until tomorrow
When the stuff hits the fan, take a deep breath, relax and quietly fix it
Realize you can’t know, or be an expert in, everything, — develop a trusted mentor and use him/her as knowledge source and sounding board
There are only 24 hours in the day, block out time for each day’s priorities, including family, friends, confidants and your personal self
When faced with a tough decision, in the final analysis, trust your gut
Love what you do and love those that you you do it for
Laugh a lot, it will keep you sane