Why Start a Work at Home Online Affiliate Marketing Business?

Firstly, let’s have a quick review of some advantages of the work at home online business model.When considering work at home opportunities, a particularly successful type is an online business using the internet. In simple terms, the internet has become the most effective medium for communicating information to people and which provides the most advantageous way for businesses to market to potential customers.For the work at home online business, not only is internet marketing the greatest money making opportunity in history, but it also has the benefit of providing low start up costs, when compared with a conventional or franchise business.Just compare the following 8 advantages:1. No need to have an office building or shop as with a retail business, and all of the costs that go with it like rent, insurance and utilities.
2. No office decoration, furnishings and equipment or retail shop fit-out. These can also potentially delay the start of business operations.
3. Low operating costs due to the business only requiring a computer with an internet connection.
4. No requirement for stock inventory, thereby avoiding purchasing and storage.
5. Negligible initial costs compared with up-front franchise fees and royalties.
6. No requirement for employees and their associated costs.
7. Small advertising budget compared with conventional marketing advertising costs.
8. Possible quicker revenue stream than a conventional business.Unlike the conventional business model, online direct response marketing is sufficiently flexible to enable it to be adjusted and customised to each work at home online business budget.A work at home internet marketing business can be started and run successfully with a computer having an internet connection. To maintain the low cost of the online business, products can be in digital format which are delivered to customers electronically, not only is this quick, but it also saves on conventional delivery costs.An even easier and lower cost business model is to market other peoples’ products and receive commissions for the sales made. This is known as affiliate marketing which is outlined below.The owner of the product carries out the following 3 activities:1. Developing and creating the product for a particular target market.
2. Providing the sales letters and other marketing items for the product.
3. Arranging the receipt of sales payments and the affiliate and the affiliate commission program, together with the product distribution and dealing with customer queries.The work at home affiliate carries out a number of marketing strategies including the following:1. Developing a web-site with affiliate links to promote the products.
2. Applying strategic affiliate marketing methods to provide an increasing flow of potential customer traffic directed towards the web-site.
3. Directing the customers via links back to the product owner for the purchase and subsequent delivery of the product.With the producer of the product, having completed all the development, written the sales letters and put in place the auto-responders, the receiving of payments, affiliate marketing commission programme, product distribution etc, it is the main task of the affiliate to concentrate on developing a web presence and then get potential customers to their website.The importance of this potential customer traffic cannot be underestimated. It requires the application of strategic methods which will provide a continual flood of this traffic from the relevant target market. This means that those people who visit the work at home affiliate marketer’s website are actively searching for a product which will fill a need or provide a solution to their problem.