What Does a Company Get Out of Sponsoring a Product Review?

Large and small businesses are now turning to product reviewers to help spread the word about their company products and/or business services online because its a great way to get traffic coming into their web site.However, that is not the only reason they are participating in reviews. Here are a few more reasons why participating in product reviews is the hot new way of promoting your business online.1. By offering a product for a blogger to review you are building up quality incoming links to your business site. This in turn will help improve your search engine ranking.2. You reach an audience you might not of reached before. This helps with company branding and product awareness.3. You receive an unbiased and honest opinion about the products you are marketing or the business services you are providing.4. A company can use the written material as a customer testimony on their web site. Potential customers and clients love to read reviews to get someone else’s opinion before they buy.5. If a potential customer does an online web search for a product review on xyz product, the review that was done for you will show up in the search engine listings.6. Providing a product to someone to review is a low-cost way to advertise your business to a niche market as compared to purchasing banners, buttons and pay per click advertising on another web site.7. Social Networking is the hot new way to reach people with your business products and/or business services. The majority of reviewers advertise their reviews on various Social Networking sites such as Ning, Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In.As you can see, sponsoring a product review with one of the blog review web sites has many positive benefits for you and your business. You can save time, money and reach an audience of potential customers and clients that you might not of reached on your own.You can find a list of bloggers who do product reviews by going to any major search engine and type in the keywords ‘Product Review Blogs’ and hundreds of web sites will come up. Take your time going through all of them until you find the right one for you and your business.