Should I Sell My Own Products Or Other People’s?

One of the biggest questions you may have if you are considering creating your own online business-and do not already have one-is: should I sell my own products or that of others? It really depends on your interests, the amount of time you have, and your internet savvy; but both are great ways to make money if you know how to go about them. Below, we examine the plusses and discriminating features of each venture to help you decide. Selling Your Own ProductsThere are a number of ways that people sell their own products online. These are business owners who craft/manufacture their own products and services-from everything from pottery to freelance writing content. Selling your own products typically means more time spent on production and creation, which contributes to cost of materials, time, and energy and shipping, if applicable. There is also a more intimate sense of identity in that your customer will find comfort in knowing that there is no third party involved in the creating of goods that they are buying and using. Depending on what you make and sell, you could have either minimal overhead or a high one; and the products and services-as well as the budget of the business owner must always be considered, situation by situation to determine if you might be better served by selling your products or someone else’s. Selling Other Business’ ProductsAnother option you have in creating an online business is to sell other people’s products or services through your website. You can do this by affiliate marketing or simply hosting a variety of products or services from various wholesale vendors on your site. It really depends on you what types of products you want to sell, how many products, and how involved you want to be in their selling. Affiliate marketing is a means of gaining revenue every time a person who visits your site clicks through to the site you are promoting and purchases their product. It requires relatively minimal time and energy, and no investment. On the other hand, if you choose to sell a variety of products from other vendors on your site, you’ll need to have the upfront investment of purchasing the products wholesale, and creating an effective dropshipping program to do so. While this requires  a bit more time, it is often that dropshippers make a good income, if they know how to do it correctly.When I started my Online business I went with Affiliate Programs and that got me started, later on when I felt ready and learned a lot more I started selling my own information products.